grade 4 success

most of the time We are just like normal people who want to be successful in one area or have more than one thing they want to accomplish. But most of them. That those things seemed to be floating around in my head, resulting in some reflection. to feel some push And then it always fades away like nothing happened…

During the semester break in the social networking era, many parents will post to show off their children’s grades. Especially for young children with 4.0, it is not uncommon for parents to feel good. But this story is not about to write about raising children. or about children However, this issue of grading has an aspect that might tell us adults something to think and review, which might be helpful…

Missing grades…
Many of our lives are like children who only study well in primary school age. and elementary means elementary when faced with more difficult things in the next class Grades are often lost… From being infatuated with temptations, temporary pleasures, and having too much fun, like some high school kids who don’t think about the future. Or appreciate a little success like in the past…

What confirms it is Many of us who used to sit and think that we want to go back to high school again. Will be able to attend a good faculty or will have to lay a new foundation for the future Even though I felt that my high school life wasn’t that bad Had a lot of impulsive experiences, lots of fun stories. And most of them don’t want to go back to elementary school, whether they had studied well or not. These may reflect on one side that It’s useless to try to measure with children. But when growing up “Responsibility” is much more important.

People who look to the future and take responsibility for their own future. useful to him Like many high school students who are determined to win the entrance exams. while the other side I look at the measurement as a framing of ability. including destroying the comfort of living…

With young children, maybe yes. that we should not go to measure But when did you grow up? Even if we don’t want to measure grades, measure anything, in the end, we live life as compared to other people anyway. And it’s something that struggles to be fulfilled, whether it’s an object, a thing, or just an “acceptance.” For example, what’s the car, what’s the watch, what’s on. As a representative what grade is your life Even the people around him love, he likes, how he sees us. even if it’s not about the object We will always have a measure in mind.

grade of success
in fact No one can measure anyone’s success. What kind of success is called success? or what kind of success must be including no process or any advice to guarantee that everything will be successful But if there is a lack of indicators that will be attached to us to see, it will be similar to what was mentioned in the first place, that it is metaphysical or unmotivated.

And success has never come like doing it right away. Before reaching any success, we must have. “Self-improvement” or has a hierarchy, progress enough to see that it is close to that success or not. Which here is a simple idea, let us try to grade ourselves like a student. Just assess from the overall picture that at the present time, what grade is “us and the target” in?

Grade 0 = not done
How to dream Did nothing, it was zero.

Grade 1 = have done
We may have enough enthusiasm to “start” something, at least seriously plan it. It’s good and it doesn’t fail the exam. But the result or success is still a long way away if only ever done or tried.

Grade 2 = Able
Why can it only be grade 2? can be done here is has made something to take shape like someone who wants to open a coffee shop was able to open the shop until can be considered But will it sell well? Survive? This one still doesn’t have an advantage as this grade, which is considered medium, not bad, but still can’t be called good. or another example People planning to exercise for half an hour a day can do it today or tomorrow, but what about the next month, the next year? It’s still difficult to say, so it’s still in grade 2, which is a good reminder. Especially those who have an investment goal of doing something. don’t forget that just Able to open a business, set up a shop, is not considered a success. So when planning, don’t just think about where to find capital to open. marketing capital Management line is also important. Because the business still has to go on.

Grade 3 = Doing Well
Many of us probably know that if we get grade 3 or above, this is very good. Successfully completing a level one doesn’t even need a grade 4, which is true. Doing and doing well means doing something that happens and can go on, for example, being a business that opens a shop and has made a profitable business for a while. It is considered to be doing well. Or exercise regularly. Two years, this is great. Because I believe that your body will definitely get good results. Here, it will be graded 3.1 or 3.8, 3.9 is up to us to recognize ourselves. But it’s really good…

Grade 4 = Best
Of course, a grade 4 means almost flawlessly good. But for this it does not mean that This success is rich in the sky, famous all over the world. or Olympic gold medal like the original example if it is a business Being able to get past the 3rd grade means it has been selling well for many years. Until it’s called grade 4, it’s not wrong, but if one day the world changes or cause the business to decline There probably isn’t a 4th grade like siteblog, so grade 4 means “Did you do your best yet?”

because as I have written or said, The word best is especially terrifying as a self-deception. because in those who do not deceive themselves when something bad happens to recognize and admit The result should be like that. because we did it “It’s not the best yet,” but the deceitful person will say that this is all. “Best…” which is up to the judges, but of course there is the best but the outcome is not. “Like us the most” only

Another thing is that the success of each individual cannot be measured. But I believe that grade 4 should mean that person’s “best” point anyway, just must not forget that sometimes